Why shop with us?

At Shop Ethical! we believe in the power of consumer action to create a better world. We’re all about making it easier for people to engage in ethical and sustainable purchasing practices.

Along with the resources available through our website and app, our online store is another way we can help people “vote with their dollar” and support companies that do good. The products we choose are either tools to support ethical consumerism and/or sustainable living or items that help reduce unnecessary waste.

We aim to choose products that:

  • Are Australian-made
  • Are made from ethically-sourced or recycled materials
  • Use sustainable production methods
  • Support small businesses

All the products in our store have been hand-picked and personally road-tested by Shop Ethical! staffers so you can be sure they meet our high standards.

When you shop with us, not only are you supporting ethical businesses but you’re helping us to continue our work – which is largely a labour of love! Every dollar you donate goes towards compiling and communicating more information to help people make informed purchasing decisions.

We appreciate your support as this online store is one of our main sources of income. If you like the work that we do, please also consider donating to us.

You can help improve our online store by:

  • Letting us know if there are any other products you would like to see
  • Submitting a product review on the shop listing pages
  • Encouraging your friends and family to shop with us!