Don't be naughty this Christmas, buy nice. Rather than doing your Christmas shopping at the local mega-mart, use gift giving and festive meals to exercise your commitment to ethical shopping. Our book makes a perfect Christmas gift, or there's heaps of other ideas in this guide, at our online shop , and on our favourite gift ideas page. Christmas is an opportunity to shop ethically on a grand scale!

This guide covers all the main things you might buy over Christmas, listed under the categories of food, gifts, and decorations.

Shop Ethical! - The Guide To Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2013
This pocket-sized guide will help you avoid naughty companies and support nice ones all year round. Over 110,000 copies sold! Ask Santa to slip one in your stocking this Christmas.

Keep up to date on who owns what, and who is doing what. Completely revised and updated. This new edition includes ownership charts mapping the dominant food & drink companies operating in Australia, and a special focus on alternatives ‘beyond the supermarket’. There are many ways that you can make a difference with your everyday purchases. [more]



So why do it differently this Christmas?

It's easy to become lost up in the busyness, anxiety and the frenzy of over-consumption at Christmas time. How do we reclaim the essence of Christmas? ... more



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