Be Inspired: Fast-fashion free

In this feature we explore some initiatives that fly in the face of fast-fashion and emphasise quality and repair over convenience and replacement.
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Nudie Jeans - repair for life

"Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs. No matter when or where you got them." Nudie Jeans were one of the pioneers of making jeans using organic cotton, and ensuring safe and ethical working conditions across the whole line of production. Their promise of free repairs, and using denim going back into the loop as second-hand jeans or raw material for new products, points to a smarter way to consume. In 2017 they repaired 49 235 pairs of jeans, collected 7463 pairs for reuse. This great video let's you know how to do your own jeans repair. Check out Nudie's repair shop locator, and their map of where their clothing is made (this is 'transparency' at it's best ... yeah!).

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Slow Clothing Project - Jane Milburn & Julie Hillier

Jane Milburn wants to turn the tide on fast, disposable fashion and spark a conversation about where clothes come from. Her premise is that clothes do for us on the outside what food does on the inside – nourish, warm, and engage body and soul. Jane established Textile Beat in 2013. Her Slow Clothing Project saw 40 people from across Australia creating 40 garments in 40 weeks. It's a conversation about ethical ways of dressing that are good for ourselves, society and the planet - encouraging both beginner and advanced "makers" to reuse and rejuvenate old clothing, either from the wardrobe or an op shop, or from fabric that has lurked in the cupboard for years. See her TED talk vid here.

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Patagonia - 'Worn Wear' repair scheme

Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia sets a new level of awareness with their Worn Wear program. Worn Wear celebrates the stories we wear, keeps your gear in action longer through repair and reuse, and recycles your garments when they're beyond repair. "The single best thing we can do for the planet is keep our gear in use longer and cut down on consumption." You can trade in you used Patagonia gear and receive credit on a new item, and buy second hand Patagonia gear. They also have Repair hubs, and a promotional road trip repair shop. Check out their short film on the stories we wear. Also this useful critique Patagonia: The Paradox of an Eco-Conscious Company

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Buy Me Once - Tara Button

Buy Me Once, an online shopping website founded in 2016 by Tara Button, offers sustainable and durable consumer goods. Their mission is to “make buying things that are built to last easy.” Tara says the bigger mission is to challenge manufacturers to build products that last longer than those currently available and to change our culture from one of throwing away, to one of “keeping” and “passing on”. Buy Me Once doesn't have an Australian site yet, but you can still browse the UK or US sites, and many of the products suggested are available in Australia. Tara also has a book, "A life less throw away', and petition to sign!

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Tara Moss - Sewing Vintage

Tara Moss is best-known for her work as a crime novel author, human rights advocate, and documentary presenter, but her side passion is sewing. Here she explores gender roles and discusses why she feels it’s crucial to rediscover traditional skills. Check out her You Tube channel 'Sewing Vintage' , with tutorials on dressmaking, hems, zips and more!

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