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Living a life of less waste

Australians consume around 165kg of packaging waste per person each year - and only 48 per cent is recycled. The focus area in our action calendar this month is waste. There's a whole host of ideas to help you on the path to waste reduction, and the special feature in this update is on individuals who have gone 'zero-plastic'. Be inspired! ... and have a great month.

Take the Local Harvest Challenge! 3rd - 9th April

image One week where you actively seek to eat local foods, support growers and learn more about where your food comes from. Then blog your discoveries. See previous participants and our new Schools Challenge page. Sign up today.
Also, find out how easy it is to support small, local farms at Flavour Crusader's directory - market gardens, local dairies, free range eggs, chooks, pigs and turkeys.    »  Read more

How 'clean' is the palm oil used by major brands?

image Over one quarter of Indonesia's forests have disappeared in the past 25 years. Greenpeace has identified Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive as failing to deliver on their promises to bring an end to deforestation in their palm oil supply chains. See Company Scorecard, and full report. Take action by signing the Forests not Fires petition.    »  Read more

Rip Curl using 'slave labour' to manufacture clothes

image Australian surfwear giant Rip Curl has sold millions of dollars worth of clothes made in North Korea, where factory workers endure slave-like conditions. The clothes were sold with a "made in China" logo on them - a practice unions and NGOs say is likely to involve other large Australian clothing brands.    »  Read more
Special Feature↓

Be inspired: living plastic-free

image 'Plastic is a material that lasts forever in our environment, yet we use it for short term disposable uses. Every piece of plastic ever created still exists. It is polluting our planet at a catastrophic rate' (From the Waste Up). We currently recover only 5-10% of the plastics we produce for recycling. (See more on the problem of plastic pollution at

Think it's impossible to live plastic-free? Think again!
We're showcasing some inspiring individuals who have tackled plastic waste in a practical way. Including Beth's '100 steps to a plastic-free life', Lauren's 'Trash is for Tossers' DIY cleaning products, and Erin's guide to zero-plastic-waste in Melbourne. � Read more
What will be your small but significant step to reduce plastic waste this month?

... and if you still think the future looks bleak, look to the horizon. Checkout Newlight Technologies - converting greenhouse gas emissions into biodegradable thermoplastics!
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Calendar & Guide combo

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Quick Bites

image\ A Danish supermarket gets all of its products - from dairy to meat to dry goods - from supermarket chains that would otherwise throw the food away. »  Take Part

image\ Global coffee companies, Nestle & Jacobs Douwe Egberts, admit beans from Brazilian plantations using slave labour may be in their coffee. »  Guardian

image\ Tell Mars to come clean about what's in its Whiskas and prove that it's not feeding cats bad tuna. (Supplier Thai Union has been criticised). »  Greenpeace

image\ Help stop human trafficking in the chocolate industry this Easter: download the 'Good Egg Guide', help map where good eggs are sold. »  Stop the Traffik

image\ A US retailer has stopped selling packaged peeled oranges, following a social media backlash. 'If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges.' »  ABC

image\ Help spread the word about the new barcode scanner feature on the Shop Ethical! app by sharing this through your networks. »  Press release

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