Update. April 2014

Take the Local Harvest Challenge!

6th - 12th April. It's on again. The Local Harvest Challenge is one week where you can work with others to actively seek local foods, support growers and learn more about where your food comes from. Versatile, fun and free! This year (with a degree of irony) we have international participants - Karie from Kansas City, USA and Fiona (who did the challenge last year), now living in Yorkshire, UK.

Sign up, spread the word!

> See Challengers map > Read food stories on the 2013 event blogs > Register for 2014 here

Supermarkets & more!

You've heard that Coles and Woolworths dominate the supply of grocery products here in Australia, controlling about 80% of the market. However they also have interests in liquor, hotels, fuel, hardware and much more. It's estimated that 40 cents in every dollar we spend goes to a Woolworths or Wesfarmers (owner of Coles) retail entity. See our interactive Duopoly chart to find out more about the retail brands they own.

Make better choices wherever you shop, but also shop local and independent if you can.

> Find an independent supermarket near you.

> Search Local Harvest for food options like box systems, food coops and farmers' markets.

> You might want to check out Supermarket Free Month - running this April... now if fact!

New Retail category

Our website has a new category – Retail. It covers all the major supermarkets, department stores, fuel & convenience stores, hardware stores, liquor stores and toy stores, with more to come. Woolworths and Wesfarmers dominate all these sectors, but there are other options. Are your shopping choices supporting gaming, worker exploitation or anticompetitive practices?

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