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News ....

Review of Food Labelling The independent food review panel headed up by Dr Neil Blewett has made 61 key recommendations focused largely on food safety. The suggestions include voluntary front-of-pack traffic lights labeling and mandatory declaration of trans-fats. Although the panel received more than 6000 submissions, issues identified as ‘consumer values' such as palm oil concerns and animal welfare were unfortunately relegated down the priority list to voluntary industry self regulation. Read the report here. See ABC interview and comment. Also see Greenpeace comments relating to the labeling of genetic engineering.

Animal Welfare Labels Explained In response to broad claims like ‘free-range’, the Humane Society International has also developed a website, Animal Welfare Labels Explained, that asks what animal welfare labels really mean, and compares the different standards behind the labels and the stockists.

Coles criticised in milk war Coles has come under increasing pressure regarding it's discounting of home-brand milk. The claim is that its 'predatory pricing' will see farmers suffer. This follows Coles recent moves to be more ‘ethical’ with significant changes in animal welfare for its beef, pig and egg products. See our press release in response.

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In the aisles ....

We’ve introduced this new section to tell stories that illustrate the very real difficulties in making better choices in the supermarket and point to some ways to make sense of the options and find positive alternatives. If you’ve stories of your own, please send them in, well post them up.

Search for Sardines Trying to find some more ethical tinned fish alternatives, Nick looks at sardine choices.

Campaigns ....

Updated Seafood Guide Developed in response to growing public concerns about the state of our seas, the Australian Marine Conservation Society have released their updated Sustainable Seafood Guide, designed to help you make informed seafood choices and play a part in swelling the tide for sustainable seafood.

GM-free Kids Edition The 2011 Truefood Guide Kids Edition features food and drink products marketed at kids. For the first time this year, chip-makers Snackbrands Australia (think CC's, Samboy, Cheezels and Thins) and Aussie pantry favourite SPC (Goulburn Valley, IXL, and Ardmona) have committed to stop using GM ingredients. That's all thanks to consumer pressure.

>> See our Campaigns page for more things you can do in joining other to effect change.

Meal & movie nights ...

We meet once a month in people's homes to discuss aspects of living out sustainable alternatives in a consumer culture >> presently running in Melbourne, west of the city >> Dinner 6.30 - 7.30pm, byo 'food & thoughts' to share >> Movie begins 8.00pm, wrap up by 10.30pm. >> RSVP to Nick nick@ethical.org.au or 0417 114 492.

Thursday 10th March – ''we feed to world', Nick’s place, Footscray.
Food, globalisation, fishermen and farmers, long-distance lorry drivers and high-powered corporate executives, the flow of goods and cash flow – a film about scarcity amid plenty. more

Thursday 14th April'end of the line'', Neesh & Shaun's place, Yarraville. Revealing our global love affair with fish as food and the impact of overfishing on our oceans. It examines the imminent extinction of bluefin tuna, and the profound implications of a future world with no fish. more
>> Host a regular night in your local area. Find out more about Meal & Movie nights.

Workshops & events...

  • Saturday 26th March 5.00pm-8.00pm >> Tasty Choices – Launch of Whithorse Sustainable Living Week', Box Hill
  • Saturday 14 May 1pm – 3.30pm >> Sustainable Food Shopping workshop & supermarket tour, Kilmore
  • Thursday 17th March 6:30pm-8.00pm >>Ethical Shopping Tour, Leichhardt

Find out more or register online here .


Resources ...

    >> The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping – The 2011 pocket guide is out and about. Find out about the companies behind the brands. Includes a new section on global agribusiness — the hidden companies behind our food; ‘What did you vote for today?’ centrespread, and comparison of supermarkets in Australia. more

    >> Run your own supermarket tour – Spread to word to family, friends or people in your local network. Use this ‘how to’ guide to take a small group through the supermarket in a 60 minute session. more

Special thanks ...

To all people who helped out at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne last month. Our tent and trolley attracted some fantastic conversations. Also many thanks to those organisations contributing product samples for the two workshops run during the festival fortnight. Olivessence for locally sourced 'Oi Olives' (Euroa, Vic), 'Gournet Morsels Egyption Hazelnut Dukkah' (Werribeee, Vic), 'Salute Oliva extra virgin olive oil' (Boort, Vic). Paradise biscuits and Goodman Fielder for the many Australian made and owned cookies. Encore tissue products for the SAFE recycled toilet paper giveaway.


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