Update. February 2013

A Fresh new look!

It's the season for a make-over! We have just put live our new website - with updated categorisation and a groovy new look. Lots of new features to help you find out the real stories behind the things you buy. Helping you make your dollar count! >
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We are all connected

When you buy a coffee, where does the money go? How much does a farmer get paid from a $3 caffeine hit? This World Vision 40 Hour Famine promo explains very simply how the smallest decisions we make – what to buy, where to buy and how much we pay – do change people’s lives. We love it! > Check it out


Look into the world behind your wardrobe

Our Clothing edition of the Shop Ethical! Guide is here at last. Find out about the issues, the products and the companies behind the major fashion and clothing brands. Search our directory for buying organic, fair-trade, second-hand, vegan or locally sourced clothes and footwear. > More

The Festival's Big Weekend event is ON! This weekend, the 15th - 17th February, at Federation Square, Melbourne. Showcasing examples of ecological and social sustainability. Help accelerate the uptake of sustainable living. Highlights include:

World's Biggest Organic Feast
Sunday 17 Feb, 12pm - 3pm, Birrarung Marr. Meet the producers of Australia’s finest organic food! Gear up for the communal chowdown that tickles your taste buds and serves up fresh delights from paddock to plate. Hosted by Costa.
Is organic food really better?
Sunday 17 Feb, 4pm - 5pm, Under the Gum, Birrarung Marr. Is organic food really better for our health and the planet? We ask a farmer, a chef, an educator and a health practitioner on this engaging panel.
Quick bites ...
  • Dick Smith's been promoting his Australian-made food products with this somewhat controversial TV ad. Love it or hate it, people talked about it. Listen to cheeky Dick's response. (23/1/13)
  • Foxconn, manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, will for the first time allow workers to elect union representatives in their Chinese factories. (4/2/13) > news
  • Sara Lee Bakery is now owned by McCain (in Australia) (5/2/13) > news
  • Zoo told to dump recycled paper campaign by state government (11/2/13) > news
  • Novalty news: McDonalds Australia released 'TrackMyMacca’s' iPhone app allowing customers to track the origins of their food (and fillers). Our favourite blog site - flavourcrusader.com - comments... (15/1/13).
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