Update. March 2013

Behind the Brands

Oxfam's new campaign assesses agricultural sourcing policies of the world’s ten largest food and beverage companies and calls on them to take the critical next steps to create a just food system. Includes a scorecard and tools so you can tell them exactly what needs to change. > Behind the Brands

Take the Local Harvest Challenge!

Monday 1st April - Sunday 7th April 2013
It's here again. Our annual Challenge week where you can practice the art of eating locally, support local and organic farmers and businesses, and discover the face behind your food. Versatile, fun and free! See the 2012 challengers blogs here
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What's in your Cleaning products?

In Australia, like the US, there is no complusory disclosure of ingredients in cleaning products (unlike personal care products). Some ingredients commonly used have significant health concerns.
So where do you start?

  • The Environmental Working Group in the US in their 'Guide to Healthy Cleaning' rate more than 2,000 popular household cleaning products with grades A through F, based on the safety of their ingredients and the information they disclose about their contents. Just seven percent adequately disclosed their ingredients. Find out more at Findings, Label Decoder, and Hall of Shame, or search their database.
  • What is it?' is an industry-driven voluntary disclosure initiative developed by Accord for household cleaning products sold on the Australian market. Follow the links to see ingredients in products from participanting major brand-owners.
  • Good Environmental Choice have developed standards outlining best practice for cleaning products. Listen to the ABC interview about ‘Cleaning up Green Claims' (Nov 2012) and search for accredited products.
  • See how companies compare in our Shop Ethica!l database.


Food Fight - cool vid

Vandana Shiva goes hip-hop!? From the same people who brought you the fantastic Plastic State of Mind, this music video is subtitled "Saving Kids From Processed Junk". Don't miss the seriously counter-cultural message here for the fun... and don't watch it over breakfast. > Check it out!

Quick bites ...
  • After 10 years, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), one of the biggest rainforest destroyers, agrees to halt any further deforestation. (6/2/13) Greenpeace
  • Berkshire Hathaway acquires Heinz (and Golden Circle) for $28bn (14/2/13) Dawn
  • Drinks giant Coca-Cola won its court case to stop a popular and proven 10 cent recycling refund scheme in the NT. (18/2/13). Sign the Greenpeace petition.
  • Nestlé Australia chocolates now 100% UTZ Certified (19/2/13) BWA
  • Inghams, Australia's biggest poultry producer, sold to TPG Capital (11/3/13) SHM
  • The Federal Gov't may favour of a mandatory supermarket code of conduct, enforceable by the ACCC, over a voluntary code. (18/3/13) Ausfoodnews
  • If you haven't checked out our new look website yet, get in there. Clothing is live!
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