Behind the brands – power equals responibilty.

Oxfam have looked at … compared in areas of…..

These are the top 10 global, who all have involvement in Australia, although the list of whose largest does depend on what you’re looking at. This work compliments our work, especially in starting to requestion how we define what is ‘giving value’ by a company.



Who Manufactures in Australia. providing income but also indicators of where your food has travelled from – from manufacture to retail.


Manufacturers map – google drop in


Compare by different criteria.



Employyee value – simple idicator which acknowlegdes that pwoer is responsibsility and therefore greater revenue does on the whole signify more possibilty at employying Australian. Recent puts outs include…..

This is a very broad indicator. I’m minful that it uses the data available, yet other componets such as profit rather than revenue may be better.  ??


there are other elements we could use to compare and assess what gives value. Such as what kind of products are being producted by eahc companiy. Are they food and drink that give nutrition or discease. Of course it’s a mixed bag (eg. CCamatil produce ccoca cola, an exteremely high sugar content drink, contributing to dibeties and obseity, and at the same time produce goulbun vally fruit, whicnh ios somewhat more conrtuctive in ‘feeding the nation’).

However worht unpacking what we are actually looking at . It’s not a level playing field, and reducing comparions to profit as the elemenatl critcera for success is not seeing it clearly.

Another possible cirteria is the amount of tyax contributed by compaonies each year. Or maybe the amount of tax avoised. Tax is  contribution  to allow operation fo countri. We as individuals pay…, corporations of avergae globally pay…. So what are companies in Australia paying? We” as it turns out. Not exactly easy to find out. There are many taxes, and components, … annual report.

In the USA …..


In britain….


Tax havens  register….

Sum up



Table – compare


Australian subsidiaryRevenue (mill AUS)Employees in AustraliaVALUEGlobal ParentCountryRevenue (mill USD)Employees (global)VALUE
Lion Pty Ltd$5,0671,8000.4Kirin Holdings Company LtdJapan$23,000275431.2
Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd$4,867152783.1Coca-Cola Amatil LtdAustralia$2,260161007.1
Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd$1,93120001.0Fonterra Co-operative Group LtdNew Zealand$16,305180001.1
Goodman Fielder Ltd$2,22376003.4Goodman Fielder LtdAustralia$2,57450001.9
Nestle Australia Ltd$2,44841531.7Nestle SASwitzerland$88,9952780003.1
Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Ltd$2,37121000.9Murray Goulburn Co-operativeAustralia$2,42321610.9
Food Investments Pty Ltd - subsidiary George Weston Foods$2,22280003.6Associated British Foods plcUnited Kingdon$19,385960005.0
Unilever Australia (Holdings) Proprietary Ltd$1,60316311.0Unilever PLCDutch/ UK$67,8241630002.4

GlaxoSmithKline Holdings Pty Ltd
$1,50015541.0GlaxoSmithKline PLCUSA$42,693365000.9
Mars Australia Pty Ltd$1,31120001.5Mars IncUSA$30,000700002.3
Frito-Lay Australia Holdings Pty Ltd$1,18721411.8Pepsico IncUSA$65,4922940004.5
Heinz Wattie's Pty Ltd$87016371.9H. J. Heinz CompanyUSA$11,649348003.0
Simplot Australia (Holdings) Pty Ltd$1,36224441.8J.R. Simplot CompanyUSA$5,800100001.7
Kimberly-Clark Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd


$1,12913131.2Kimberly-Clark CorporationUSA$21,063570002.7
Arnotts Biscuits Holdings Pty Ltd$1,13040003.5Campbells Soup CompanyUSA$7,707184002.4
Parmalat Australia Ltd$91617001.9Groupe LactalisFrance$11,050380003.4
Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd$7069001.3Reckitt BenckiserUSA$15,453272101.8
Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd - wholly-owned subsidiary Schweppes Australia$67015002.2Asahi Breweries LtdJapan$18,895167120.9
Kraft Australia Holdings Pty Ltd$1,94126341.4Mondelez International, Inc.USA$35,0151000002.9
Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd$5292430.5Procter & Gamble CompanyUSA$83,6801270001.5
Kellogg Australia Holdings Pty Ltd$4697001.5Kellogg CompanyUSA$14,197309002.2
Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd$4705351.1Colgate-Palmolive CompanyUSA$17,085392002.3
Johnson & Johnson Pty Ltd$1,25015001.2Johnson & JohnsonUSA$67,2241140001.7