Shop Ethical! smartphone app

The Shop Ethical! app gives you instant access to over 4.000 products with related company information and lets you make an informed and ethical decision whenever you shop. It’s just like the book but with a greater depth of information [more info].

Available on the App Store and Google Play


Guide Promotional Poster

Free download  Promotional poster for the 2013 edition of our print guide. PDF format 0.1 MB.

Promote the guide through your networks.

Issues Chart

What did you vote for today” Chart. JPEG format 965 KB

Help minimise your impact when shopping in the supermarket. Start by knowing what to look for and why.



Run your own Supermarket Tour

Interested in passing on the message to your own group of friends, colleagues or other individuals?

Basically the print guide has everything you need to run a simple ‘shopping with a conscience’ supermarket tour of your own. Outlined below is a step by step process on how you can run a the session.Updated for 2013 edition of guide.

Download PDF (330kb) or see online version.

Fairtrade Workplace Proposal Template

Sick of watching your co-workers drinking Nescafe (or whatever) without giving a thought to the labour exploitation that brought it here?

Do something about it with our tried and tested Fairtrade Workplace Proposal template.

For further resources check out and Fairtrade ANZ’s Procurement Guide for info on how to source Fairtrade Certified products for your office, workplace or organisation.

Read more tips here.

Your Dollar is your Vote — the song

Your Dollar is Your Vote” the song, by The Shoppers (MP3 – 3.42 MB)

ECGmusic_imageCaptures the spirit of the Guide with thought provoking lyrics driven by a big fat beefy bassline. Free download

“Most of us don’t realize there is a war is going on, the war between Consumer Power and Corporate Power. The weapons aren’t bullets and bombs, but money. We think we are winning this war because we get to buy all this cool stuff anytime we want, but there is a hidden cost: animal rights abuse, human rights abuse, and the destruction of our environment.

Corporations spin us lies and we believe them. So we don’t fight back. Instead, we work for them, and then give them back that hard earned money. The Corporations profit twice, and the earth and it’s inhabitants suffer a little bit more. Every time we spend money we are voting for our future, and our children’s future. Choose wisely. “

More about The Shoppers.

Movie Library

Movie_iconMovie nights are a great way to meet up with others and discuss aspects of living out sustainable alternatives in a consumer culture. Previously the Ethical Consumer Group has hosted monthly movie nights  in people’s homes. This involved sharing a meal and screening a movie with some discussion following.

Out of this we have formed a movie library.

Movies have been chosen for their specific relevance to issues connected with our everyday purchases, or issues that affect our world and our understanding of our place in the world.

Many are available for borrowing by ECG members to show in their home with a group of friends.

See our Host your own Meal & Movie night page.