Campaigning resources

Get your voice heard!

Greenpeace’s Top five tips for writing to politicians.  [take action]

Campaigning tips

Practical advice, tips, tools and links that will help your community group get active and really make a difference.  [take action]

Links to Letters to the Editor pages

Want to write a comment in a letters to the Editor column?  Salt Shakers  [take action]

Links to Newspapers

Want to contact a newspaper?  Salt Shakers  [take action]

List of Members of Parliament (MPs)

Want to contact your member of parliament?  Salt Shakers  [take action]

Truefood network – calling talkback radio

Calling talkback radio regarding Genetically Engineered food.  Greenpeace  [take action]

Truefood network – writing a letter to the editor

Writing a letter to the editor.  Greenpeace  [take action]

Virtual Activist Training

Using Email for Outreach, Organizing, and Advocacy.  NetAction  [take action]