Schools workshop

This 45 minute session can be adapted for use with upper primary grades (4-6) and lower secondary (7-9).

It’s focus is on the power of our buying choices. It has been developed as part of the wider goal of helping young people live in a more sustainable and a more intentional way.

It is a great way for students to:

  • start making the connections between the wider issues and their daily choices
  • understand the power they have as citizens in a consumer society
  • be agents of change by having the information and alternatives to buy better

Components include interactive activities that help student discover some key issues connected with their purchases and point towards practical alternatives that they can take.


What is a ‘good buy’?

  • Consumerism and the story behind our stuff
  • Our stuff connects us in with the world
  • The price we pay does not necessarily reflect the real cost

The companies behind the brands

  • Who are the companies behind the brands?
  • Why do they go into business?
  • Power and responsibility

Consumer power

  • Your choice makes a difference
  • Changing the world for good with your dollar

Issues & actions

  • Snapshot #1 Chocolate & the kids who pick the beans
  • Snapshot #2 Toilet paper & our forests
  • Snapshot #3 Food miles & eating locally

(or Snapshot #4 Sports balls & kids who make them)

Please contact  Nick (0417 114 492) for further information on this schools session.

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