Take action on Factory Farming

Animals campaign

Working to end the suffering of exploited and confined animals.  Animal Liberation  [take action]

Ban the Battery Cage

Australia is already behind EU developments where a decision was made in 1999 that the battery cage would be banned from 2012. A recent national survey showed that 86% of Australians believe that the battery cage is cruel.  Animals Australia  [take action]

Choose Wisely Campaign

Lobby your local restaurants and cafes to only use certified free range or barn-laid eggs.  RSPCA  [take action]

End Factory farming

Help End Factory Farming. Be a part of Animals Australia’s national campaign to end the single biggest cause of animal suffering in Australia.  Animals Australia  [take action]

Supermarkets and factory farming

The two biggest financial supporters of factory farming in Australia are Coles and Woolworths. They have the buying power to influence much needed change by introducing policies that commit to only purchasing products from producers that do not use cruel practices such as sow crates and battery cages.  Animals Australia  [take action]