Take action on Fair-trade and Labour

Demand ethical chocolate

Tell your supermarkets that you’d love to see them using Fair-trade cocoa in their own home brands.   World Vision Don’t Trade Lives  [take action]

Raise the bar Nestle!

Abuse and exploitation continues. Nestles traffik free chocolate is only available in ONE BAR  – a meagre 1.1% of their entire chocolate range. (November 3, 2010)  Stop the Traffik  [take action]

Clearing the hurdles

Challenged sportswear brands to overcome four major hurdles that block progress on worker rights in the sportswear industry. Clearing the hurdles [take action]

Stop forced child labour in Uzbekistan

Up to two million children are forced by the government to leave school and pick cotton during the harvest season. This state policy for forced child labor affects much of Uzbekistan’s cotton which ends up in the global cotton supply that is used to make the clothing we wear around the world. Tell major apparel brands to prohibit the use of cotton from Uzbekistan. International Labor Rights Forum [take action]

Don’t sell Uzbeki kids down the River

Join the campaign to end forced child labour in Uzbekistan by sending a postcard to the CEO of Australian Clothing and Footware Merchant, Rivers. Stop the Traffik [take action]

Cotton Crimes

Despite pledging to not to source Uzbek cotton, the global retailer H&M is refusing to take steps that would guarantee no companies in its supply chain profit from slavery in Uzbekistan. Tell H&M to stop doing business with companies that profit from modern-day slavery. Anti-slavery [take action]


Stop the Newman government repeal of the Queensland code protecting outworkers. Migrant women outworkers in the clothing industry in Queensland work at home for only $5-8 an hour, and sometimes as little as $3 an hour, sewing clothes for Australian fashion designers and retailers, as well as uniforms for our schools and workplaces. The Queensland Government has announced it is repealing the Outworker Code to “save red tape” for employers.  This is at the expense of the livelihood and wellbeing of outworkers and their families. Tell your Member of Parliament your concern at this dismantling of protections for outworkers. Fair wear [take action]

No More Excuses

Cambodia’s escalating food, energy and housing prices have left workers in dire poverty. Workers producing the fashion clothes that we buy in stores across Europe earn a basic wage of just 61 USD/month which isn’t enough. You can send a message to Cambodia’s big buyers H&M, Levis, GAP and Zara right now to tell them they must pay a living wage! Clean Clothes [take action]