Take action on Genetic Engineering

Aussie kids aren’t guinea pigs

Email Nicola Roxon and demand GM in food is labelled.  Greenpeace  [take action]

Gene Ethics updates

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Genetically Modified Wheat

Australia’s national science body, CSIRO, has approved the world’s first human feeding trials of GM wheat. Nine trials are currently being planted across five states and territories. Greenpeace detail their findings on the health, economic and environmental risks in their report Australia’s wheat scandal: The biotech takeover of our daily bread. Have your say by sending an email to the government.  Greenpeace  [take action]

Millions Against Monsanto

Challenge the biotech bullying of the infamous genetic engineering company.  Organic Consumer’s Association  [take action]

Stop Monsanto! campaign and Kellogg’s boycott

Scientists reviewing Monsanto’s own studies “have proven that genetically engineered foods are neither sufficiently healthy or proper to be commercialized”.  Gene ethics  [take action]

GM free chicken feed

Coles’ two major chicken suppliers use GM feed. Tell Coles you want GM-free poultry products  Gene ethics  [take action]

Tell Monsanto to leave our wheat alone

Tell the West Australian Agriculture Minister you want leading public plant breeding program InterGrain to remain in public hands.   Gene ethics  [take action]