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Petitions by Palm Oil Action

  • Various links to i-petitions to government, Coles, Arnotts, Aldi. Not sure how up-to-date this ‘current campaigns’ page is however, given they’re not dated. Best to research names of recipients yourself before signing.

Support palm oil labelling on all products

20 Biggest Snack Companies

  • TO: companies


Zero Deforestation

Please stop using palm oil

Mandatory Labelling of Palm Oil in Australia

Label all products containing palm oil for sale in Australia

  • TO: The Australian Government
  • POSTED BY: intentious
  • DATE POSTED: no date, but appears to be about 2012

Stop palm oil consumption in Australia

  • TO: Private companies like the cosmetics industry; MPs to introduce truth in labelling

Ban palm oil  in Australia

  • TO: All Australian Politicians
  • POSTED BY: Matt Leach
  • DATE POSTED: Apr 12, 2012

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