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You can now make more informed choices when shopping for household items such as washing machines, fridges, coffee machines and microwaves with our guide to appliances.

The hidden story behind our appliances can reveal unethical labour practices, the use of conflict materials and unsustainable design features such as ‘planned obsolescence’ and energy inefficiency. Not to mention that the appliances market is largely dominated by just a handful of foreign-owned multinationals!

Our guide to appliances rates companies according to these and other criteria so you can see at-a-glance how the major players fare according to the issues that are most important to you. The guide includes all the big brands such as Breville, DeLonghi, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, LG, Miele, Panasonic and Whirlpool.

Our ratings are based on key assessment sources including Baptist World Aid’s Behind the Barcode report, Australian Packaging Covenant, CDP, Conflict Minerals Report and SAM ESG Ranking.

Major Appliances

Small Appliances




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Beyondwiz cameras Korea
Bissell vacuums China
Bosch vacuums Germany
Breville coffee machines China
Breville coffee machines Hungry
Delonghi coffee machines Switzerland, China, Italy, Hungry
Denon stereos China
Dyson vacuums Malaysia
Electrolux washing machines Thailand
Electrolux vacuums Hungry
Electrolux coffee machines China
Explora coffee machines Spain
Expressi coffee machines China
Fetch TV cameras China
Gaggia coffee machines Romania
Harmain stereos China
Hoover vacuums China
Humax cameras Korea
Kitchen aid coffee machines China
Klispch stereos China
Kogan dvd players China
La Pavoni coffee machines Italy
LG washing machines Sth Korea
LG dvd players Sth Korea
LG stereos China
LG cameras Indonesia, Korea
Miele washing machines Germany
Nulfisk vacuums Denmark
Nuova coffee machines Italy
Panasonic stereos Malaysia
Panasonic cameras China
Pioneer stereos China
Piranah vacuums China
Rancilio coffee machines Italy
Rowesta vacuums France
Samsung washing machines China
Samsung vacuums Vietnam
Samsung dvd players Malaysia
Samsung stereos China
Samsung cameras Malaysia
Sauber vacuums Slovania
Sebo vacuums Germany
Shark vacuums China
Sony dvd players Malaysia
Sony stereos Malaysia, Vietnam, China
Sunbeam coffee machines China
Teac dvd players China
Vax vacuums China
Werthiem vacuums China
Woolworths coffee machines China
Yamaha stereos Malaysia, Indonesia

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