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The Organics Directory

I found this resource - the 'Victorian organic food products directory 2007', published by the Victorian Government in association with the Organic Federation of Australia. Download original document (PDF 792kb)

I have extracted the content to a spreadsheet which means you can search for a particular food type by highlighting column G and then >Edit>Find> input search term (ie. oats) >Find all. Scroll down to see highlighted results. Download spreadsheet

I have also had some fun with Google Maps. The whole directory is on the map on the left. I have put a 160km radius circle on the map so you can see what lies inside it. Note that locatities of listings are based on postcode only, so it's just an approximation (if you zoom right in, the location is actually the postoffice of the suburb, not the listee)

To simplify search for a particular product, I have tagged the listings into 4 categories according to products, and 3 categories according to type. Choose to refine map.

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