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The 100 Mile Trial

Sustainable Living Festival 2009 Presentation

Nick presented "100 Mile Trial - an experiment in re-localising food" at the Sustainable Living Festival, Federation Square Melbourne on Saturday 21st February 2009, 11am-11.45am at Feast Talk Tent.

We shared stories and samples of local and seasonal food. See below for our menu items.




1. Savoury smoked trout, cucumber & cottage cheese bites


Goulburn River Rainbow Trout Alexandra 120 Footscray Fish market

Cucumber Geelong 74 Footscray market

Ricotta Cheese Alba -made in Brunswick 9 Footscray market

Herbs – chives Geelong 74 Footscray market

Herbs – watercress Geelong 74 Footscray market

Herbs – parsley Geelong 74 Footscray market

Lemon Yarraville 12 Neesh's neighbour's tree

Salt & pepper (not 100 mile)


All prepared beforehand. Chopped and assembled on day. Served 15-20mins in.

2. Sweet Fig & walnut pancake bites


Figs Shepparton 195 Footscray market

Walnuts Dandenongs 45 Footscray market

Honey Castlemaine 130 Yarraville Farmers market

Eggs Shelford 74 Brunswick

Wheat flour Clunes 148 Plump, Yarraville

Milk True Organic Coop – Parmallat Organic 160 Plump, Yarraville

Strawberries Coldstream 48 Footscray market

Rasberries Wandin 55 Pompello, Seddon

Yogurt Meredith 107 Plump, Yarraville

Butter True Organic Coop 160 Direct

Oil Maldon 144 Oliveessence, Seddon

Baking powder (not 100 mile)


Pancake batter prepared beforehand. Cooked, cut, assembled on day. Served 30-35mins in.


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