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The 100 Mile Trial

A Californian orange has traveled over 12,800 kms to get to you - that's a lot of food miles!

This is typical of much produce in our globalised food production system. Every mile/kilometre our food travels is likely to mean greater greenhouse gas emissions.

The 100 Mile diet has taken off in many places around the world, with people experimenting with sourcing their food from within an 100 mile (160km) radius from where they live.

As part of the Ethical Consumer Group, various households around Melbourne took on a week's trial in the first week of December 2008. Find out more about our plans, progress and discoveries by following the links below.

We encourage your group or household to gather with others and take on an 100 Mile Trial of your own. Let us know if you do and we'll post up your story.

30th November – 6th December, 2008

Week of the Trial

Blog - how was it?
Suppliers - where we got what!


Our Processes & 'Rules'
Organic Directory with Google Maps


Sustainable Living Festival 2009 talk