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The 100 Mile Trial

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Our Suppliers

Here are the suppliers we found for our trial week. Key resources were CERES farmers market who list the food miles for the produce sold, and Biodynamic Marketing, who supply the local Western Organic Coop (WOC) and Seddon Organic Coop weekly vegetable boxes.

View them on this map, or click 'view larger map' below to see specific items. See all suppliers in spreadsheet downloaded here.


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#1 Locatities are based on postcode only, so it's just an approximation - if you zoom right in, the location is actually the postoffice of the suburb, not the listee.

#2 Distances listed here are a bit illusionary. They are as the crow flies from the grower to us (centre of Melbourne). In reality, items travel to the distribution point and then to us. So an example would be an artichoke from Koo Wee Rup would travel 72kms to Powelltown and then another 85kms to Footscray metro market, before collection by retailer (or in our case, buyer for WOC).