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The 100 Mile Trial


There is a wealth of resources for us here in Melbourne. Of special relevance is the blogs of people who are already trialling this in Melbourne. Let’s not reinvent the wheel.

Books/ media:
'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle': Barbara Kingsolver (US)
'100 Mile Diet': Alisa Smith & J.B. MacKinnon (Canada)
(both trialled for 1 year)
‘Watch Your (Fo)odometer!’ Animation of food miles (US)



Local experiments:
Friends of the Earth (FOE) South Australia - did trial over last summer
Richard Cornish, writer for the Age Epicure, trialled it with family in 2007 (Melbourne)

RMIT Social innovations studies subject (RMIT Industrial Design)
- Tim’s blog
- Paul Riakkenen’s blog
- Eddie from Footscray

ABC Melbourne began the ‘locavore challenge’ September 4, 2008
Diaries, maps, resources
and blogsl

Other resources:
100 Mile cafe – our own restaurant in Melbourne Central (now closed)
Seasonal growing chart for Victoria

Pigs might Fly Blog – some postings
‘Going Local’ – rational explained

Food Miles in Australia: A preliminary study of Melbourne, Victoria. By CERES Community Environment Park
Farmers markets in Melbourne
- Veg Out, St Kilda - 1st Saturday every month
- Collingwood Children's Farm - 2nd Saturday every month
- Gasworks, Albert Park - 3rd Saturday every month
- Slow Food Melbourne, Abbotsford Convent - 4th Saturday every month
- Carlton - 3rd Saturday every month
- Yarraville - 4th Saturday every month

New additions!
Wendy's blog - Green Tucker
Food producers in the Ballarat region - from BREAZE (via Andrew Bray)

CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick post the food miles for fruit & veg available each week


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