'Avoid unnecessary consumption. About 80 per cent of products are discarded after a single use.’ from 5 Principles to guide a more sustainable purchase, Shop Ethical! ...the Guide


For those keen to de-commercialse Christmas and respond in a meaningful way to the overconsumption that comes with Christmas, try a Buy Nothing Christmas. There's a great Buy Nothing Catalogue and Buy Nothing Christmas Information Kit, both with lots of ideas.

Here's a few we love:

  • Give a home-made voucher to exchange for your time – cook a meal, do the garden, create a home compost or veggie garden, look after the kids, give a massage.
  • Make something yummy. For all those who can bake.
  • Make something crafty. For all those who can knit, sew, spin, pot.
  • Make your own something incredibly original.

And along with the theme...

  • The Gift of Nothing. A very cool book. Mooch the cat desperately wants to find a gift for his friend Earl the dog, but Earl already has everything. "What do you give a guy who has everything?" Mooch wonders. The answer, of course, is nothing! Available online.
  • Have a movie screening. "What would Jesus Buy?" follows Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir as they go on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse. Available through our soon to be up and running movie library. Contact us if you'd like to borrow it

Buy less. If your family is up for it, do a a Kris Kringle — where each person only buys one present each. Choose who you give to via names out of a hat and set a limit for how much you have to spend.




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