'Every purchase makes an impact, therefore your choice makes a difference.’ from 5 Principles to guide a more sustainable purchase, Shop Ethical! ...the Guide


Check out our Top Ethical Gift ideas.
Also the extremely good 'Peak Oil Gift Buying Guide', with a funny gallery by artist Jonathan Plotkin. It's American but has some great ideas.

Below are further examples of 'good' buys.

People friendly

Fairtrade - fair wages, no exploitation.

  • Etiko Fairtrade T-shirts "Love Revolutions " "Wear no Evil".
  • Jinta Fairtrade Sports balls
  • Ibutrade Bags and accessories
  • 3fish ethical clothing
  • Cocolo Fairtrade Chocolate

See more and buy direct at Only Just fair-trade online shop,
or Tribes and Nations.

Some people are weighed down with stuff. Others don’t have the essential stuff they need. Buy a goat for your mum.


Energy efficiency

Portable device solar charger, Dynamo/solar powered radio. Available from Eco at Home
Also see other eco shops: Grassroots Ecostore / Earth Heartbeat shop / Todae


Reducing waste

  • Fregie Sack. Rewashable, reusable, durable alternative to the common plastic bags used attable grocery shops. Available at our online shop
  • Enviro Toothbrush. Made from Bamboo, totally biodegradable. From Go Green at Home.

Reusing waste

  • See Green Collect Upcycled products, including bags, cushions, note & journal books. Handmade in Melbourne from discarded materials & clothing. Made by the African Women's Sewing Group and residents at Common Ground (people previously experiencing long-term homelessness), both training and employment initatives of Green Collect.

  • Keep Cup Reusable take-away cofee cup
  • Soap Nuts - natural, toxic- free, waste-free laundry detergent alternative. Go Green at Home.
  • Wozwaste. Bags made from inner tube, toothpaste tube, snack food packaging.

Plastic - free

Give an experience

  • Movie, theatre, adventure, pamper, gourmet treat. Take your loved one's out. Make it your own customised gift, or do a package

Knowledge to Action Equip your gift recipients with the 'know-how' of how to live well.

Further explore the ethical and environmental implications of your food choices. By Angela Crocombe. From shop.     Local food advocate Sarah Robins journeys across Victoria, introducing you to the varied and vibrant people who put food on our table. With more than 80 seasonal recipes. From shop.

See more books relating to sustainability, justice and ethical lifestyle.
Good Life Book Club
/ New Internationalist

  • Get the guide. Great useful Christmas stocking items. Discounts for bulk orders.


More Sustinable Christmas ideas from Baptist World Aid.




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