Be Inspired: Actor to Activist

There are many famous people and celebrities who are doing great things . You can see some here. We've just focussed on one - James Cromwell - inspired after reading this article.
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James Cromwell

James Cromwell - Bolder with age

James Cromwell is a veteran actor, Oscar nominee and star of LA Confidential and The Green Mile. He's also in the upcoming Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom. His best known role is probably as Farmer Hoggett in 1995’s Babe, about a cute pig that wants to be a sheepdog. It was interacting with piglets on the set that started him thinking about animal rights, leading him to not only become a vegan, but to take up the fight for animals. In 2011, he narrated Farm to Fridge, a documentary about the horror of the slaughterhouse, and in 2013 he was arrested for protesting against animal testing.

Seaworld - voice for the voicless

In 2015 James was arrested following a protest at SeaWorld. At the orca 'show' he spoke about SeaWorld's mistreatment of animals. After being charged with trespassing and facing possible jail time, he said:

"Even when we were found guilty: no publicity. But when celebrities go to jail, oh wow it's suddenly a story".

In jail, everyone recognises my face

In 2017 James was sentenced to a week-long stint in jail. He was one of six protesters who, in November 2015, staged a sit-in at a proposed power plant development in Wawayanda, New York. They claimed during their trial that their actions were justified as the plant would cause irreversible damage to the local environment, along with further accelerating climate change.

"We can’t demonize people because of their political stance. We have to say 'look, it won't matter ultimately whether you're Republican, radical right, or progressive. All that will matter is that we’re able to drink the water, breathe the air, live on the land. That's what’s threatened.' "