Be Inspired: Supporting independent retailers

Why spend at the local store rather than the big-box department store?
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Jonas Singer (with Cullen Gilchrist), Union Kitchen (DC, USA)

In this 2015 TED Talk, Jonas Singer argues that spending our dollars locally is the way to create more a equitable and healthy distribution of wealth in our communities. But we need to make local scale so it can compete with the massive corporations that control most industries. This is the vision of Union Kitchen, Singer's effort to build a food system that benefits the local community.

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Why shop local -- what's in it for you? - Beth Carroll (USA)

Beth Carroll, an Instructor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Purdue University, highlights the importance of shopping from small local business owners and explains what's in it for you.

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The Powerful Impact of Buying Local - Levi Lawrence (USA)

Levi, in the 2016 TED Talk, shares that not one stroke of a paddle can get us to a destination, however multiple strokes, by multiple people with a shared destination can change the world. Levi is the founder of Real Food Connections. He is a cook at heart, a passionate entrepreneur and a self-professed food geek.

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