Be Inspired: Toilet Paper choices

When asked what was most essential when marooned on a desert island 49% of Americans surveyed said toilet paper. In fact, 4 billion people (75% of the world) don’t use it. On average people who do use it use 57 sheets per day. That is equivilent to 384 trees for 1 lifetime’s use. Trees of course, are essential for our clean air, water systems, biodiverity and peace of mind.
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Simon Griffiths - founder 'Who gives a crap?'

Australian social entrepreneur, Simon Griffiths, toilet paper brand 'Who Gives A Crap' uses 100% post-consumer-waste (pcw) paper and sends 50% of its profits to build toilets in the developing world. Here's his promo video for his crowd-sourcing campaign that successfully launched this enterprise. In links below he talks about sparking a revolution in philanthropy through not-for-profit ventures.

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Kleercut campaign - Greenpeace

In August 2009, Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark reached a historic agreement, ending the international campaign. Kimberly-Clark announced a new environmental paper policy and committed to use wood from sustainable sources, and end its destruction of Canada’s Boreal forest to produce its tissue products.

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'Pure Planet' - toilet paper

A new product made from 100% renewable and recycled bamboo and sugarcane waste. Bamboo is fast growing - it grows more, the more it’s cut. It can also produce 35% more oxygen than trees. Pure Planet home delivers and uses Sendle, Australia’s first carbon neutral delivery service.

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Further Resources...

Brands with recycled content include: Safe, iCare and Earthwise (pcw content sourced from within Australia, manufactured in Australia by Encore Tissue ); Naturale and Softex (manufactured in Australia by ABC Tissue ); Who Gives a Crap (100% pcw recycled content, content sourced from China, manufactured in China); Pure Planet (100% recycled content, content sourced from China, manufactured in China); Green Earth (made in China). See other brands at Shop Ethical! Toilet Paper comparison page.

See reviews of ‘Who Gives A Crap‘ and ‘Pure Planet‘ at Katie Roberts excellent article in Sustainability in Style.

For other alternatives, with an even lighter environmental footprint, check out the Wee Wipes Revolution at Barb's blog.


Paper is Made From Trees

The story of how 18th century French scientist Antoine Ferchault de Reamur took a walk in the woods one day and discovered how paper could be made from trees.



'How to use one paper towel' - Joe Smith (USA)

Joe Smith, former District Attorney and chair of the Oregon Democratic Party, talks about how to use less and save resources.


One Wipe Charlies - Let's Talk About #2

'The softest, cleanest, fastest manliest way to handle your business.' This is just plain silly. ... and particularly inappropriate. (The ad and the idea of man-wipes).