Be Inspired: Beyond the plastic straw

In this feature we explore the small straw, it's big effect, and amazing initiatives to stop the flow of plastic.
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Eva Mackinley - The Last Straw campaign

Tasmanian Eva Mackinley founded The Last Straw, a campaign to end the use of plastic straws in venues around Australia. Since launching in 2015, over 100 venues across the country have changed their straw use, with over 130,000 plastic straws being saved from use during their Straw Free July campaign in 2017. Backed by the Foundation for Young Australians and Taronga Zoo, here's their promo ad.

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Christine Figgener - The turtle with a straw in its nose

In 2015, Texas graduate student Christine Figgener traveled to Costa Rica to study ridley sea turtles. While examining one male turtle, the team found a long plastic straw lodged in the turtle’s nostril. Her video of the extraction received more than 5.5 million views on YouTube. It has rapidly shifted public consciousness regarding plastic waste. Here's the story behind that video. (The original video is below. Be warned, it's disturbing).

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Molly Steer

Molly Steer - Straw No More

9 year old Molly Steer is in grade 4 at school in Cairns. When she saw the damage that disposable plastics do to the ocean, she knew she had to do something. With all the innocence of youth, she set about convincing schools to remove single use plastic straws from their tuckshops. Molly's Straw No More campaign has been taken up by more than 10,000 students across Australia.

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Straws - the film

Lina Booker's 2017 documentary STRAWS charts the history of straws and our current culture's obsession of single use conveniences. Used once and tossed, billions of non-recyclable plastic straws are used annually winding up in landfills, littering streets and oceans. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

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