Be Inspired: Redefining success - a new business model

What does profit and loss really mean? How should we as a society define business success? Here we showcase some of the leaders and pioneers who are incorporating social and environmental considerations as core values.
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Jade Madden

Bryan Welch, on B-Corporation

"We are on the cusp of a sea of change...". B Corporations (B Corps) are companies where the interests of employees, communities and the environment rank alongside those of shareholders. Bryan Welch, CEO of B the Change Media, explains the major shift that's happening and the rigorous process of becoming a B Corporation.

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Ray Anderson

Ray Anderson, Interface (USA)

The late Ray Anderson was a great leader in shaping his carpet company 'Interface' to be a example of what corporate accountability looks like in practice. This clip is taken from the Canadian documentary film "The Corporation" that chronicles Ray's "paradigm shift" that led him to initiate a new direction for his company.

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Louise Visser and Alice Jones

Louise and Alice, Sinerji Organic Clothing (QLD)

Louise Visser and Alice Jones began their Sunshine Coast Sinerji Organic Clothing business with an ethos to create beautiful, ethical and sustainable garments, but also to connect the wearer to the story. In this 2013 TEDX talk they wade through a messy fashion industry full of chemicals and sweatshops to find answers to their question "Can we have the best of both worlds and create businesses that support all those involved throughout the supply chain?"

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More on the why's of B-Corporation...

Bart Houlahan TEDx 2014 "Redefine success in business"

After watching the new owner of his sports apparel company strip away long standing commitments to employees, community and the environment, Bart Houlahan knew there had to be a better way to use business as a force for good. He co-founded B Corporation, a growing movement of more than 1000 corporations in 80 industries and 30 countries creating a new sector of the economy with the ability to alleviate poverty, rebuild communities and restore the environment.