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Give paper a second life

While we're slowly moving towards a paperless society (at least in the way we communicate information) the average Australian still consumes around 230kg of paper per year. While many of us are consciously trying to reduce our paper use, the reality is that disposable paper products (such as toilet paper, tissues and hand towels) are part of our everyday activities. This month our Ethical Shopper Action Calendar focus is 'Choosing recycled paper', with a special look at toilet paper. We hope you enjoy our October edition!

Fair Food Week (15-23 October)

image Coordinated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, Australia’s Fair Food Week shines a light on how we can produce food that is socially, environmentally and economically fair. Get involved in the "fair food" movement through events including community garden tours, workshops, forums, farmers’ fairs, films, food swaps and more. “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." -J.R.R. Tolkien   

Shonky Awards

image CHOICE's annual awards name and shame the shonkiest products and companies taking advantage of Australian consumers. This year's Hall of Shame includes Nestle Milo, Vanish Preen Powerpowder, Camel Milk Victoria, Green and Clean, Samsung and American Express. ...SHONKY: Australian slang "unreliable, unsound, dishonest, of dubious quality"
Special Feature↓

Be inspired to choose recycled paper

image Read this month's Be Inspired page to see who is making a difference in the area of toilet paper alternatives. Did you know that all recycled paper is not the same? Where possible, look for the highest percentage of 'post-consumer-waste' (pcw) content. It's paper that's been used once then collected for recycling (rather than offcuts from the mill). Each ton of pcw recycled paper produced saves 17 trees, 26,000 litres of water, and energy to power your home for 6 months! [..image from here].  

Buy Nothing New Month

image You're in it! Buy Nothing New Month isn't about "Bugger. I really need a new deodorant, but it's Buy Nothing New Month. Sorry workmates." This whole deal is about wasteful consumption. Cutting back on the stuff we don't really need, changing the way we look at existing stuff.
> For Melbourne residents looking for salvaged and recycled items,
Green Collect has just opened their new warehouse shop at Unit 1, 75A Ashley St, Braybrook. Heaps of cheap, quality clothing and stationery!  

Bayer secures Monsanto

image Pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG has acquired Monsanto in a USD $66 billion deal, pending regulatory approval. It will be the world’s largest seller of farming chemicals and seeds. Sign Sum of Us petition to stop the mega-merger.
> In other news, Monsanto will face an
international tribunal this month on charges of human rights violations, crimes against humanity, and ecocide. See critique.  

Big news for beer and cider drinkers

image SABMiller shareholders have backed a multi-billion dollar takeover by the world's largest brewer AB InBev. The takeover means that AB InBev will now sell one in four beers worldwide including beer and cider brands owned by Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) like VB, Crown, Cascade and Strongbow. CUB's Shop Ethical! rating will now drop from C to F.   

Quick Bites

image\ The Victorian Government are holding an inquiry into plastic pollution. Make a submission, to help to ban harmful single-use plastic bags »  Greenpeace

image\ A group of Australian Pizza Hut franchisee owners are preparing to appeal their failed class action law suit against its former parent company »  Aus Food News

image\ Find some second-hand bargains in your neighbourhood or register your own sale in the annual Garage Sale Trail on Saturday October 22nd. »  Garage Sale Trail

image\ To celebrate World Vegan Day (1st November) there will be a free event in Melbourne with cooking demos, a fashion show and speakers »  World Vegan Day

image\ Applications for running workshops, talks and other events at the upcoming national Sustainable Living Festival in February 2017 are now open! »  SLF

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