Multinational Monopoly

Foreign-owned multinational companies control 70% of world trade.

Their brands make up 85% of the products in the average Australian grocery trolley

Top selling milk brand ‘Rev’ is owned by France’s Lactalis while ‘Pura’ is owned by Japan’s Kirin Holdings. Kirin has also bought National Foods, Dairy Farmers, Berri, and Lion Nathan becoming Australia’s largest supplier to supermarkets. Foster’s, Golden Circle, Manassen Foods, Herron, CSR Sugar, Bead Foods, Australian Paper, AWB and P&N’s juice and water business have also fallen into foreign hands in recent years.

Out of the top 100 brands of all food sold in Australian supermarkets, just 20 are Australian owned, and these are owned by just 14 companies. 

  • Choose Australian-owned brands.
  • Shop at locally owned businesses. For every $100 spent with a locally owned firm, $68 remains within the local economy. The same $100 spent with a multinational sees only $43 staying local. This supports local jobs and we have more guarantees of fair wages and conditions for workers.
  • Have 100% Australian made & owned groceries delivered to your door with Aussie Farmers Direct