Household Action Challenge

So you’ve looked at your shopping list and are now making some best buys using the guide.
What’s next? How about you and your community take on a challenge!

The Household Action Challenge is a ‘Lifestyle Trial’- a community experiment in living out our values.  It’s a week where your household, together with others, experiment in one aspect of sustainable living.

  • What is it like to eat only food sourced from within 160km radius (100 Miles) from where you live?
  • Or attempt to go zero waste (no black rubbish bag) for one week?
  • Or live for 7 days without relying on electricity?

Hard by yourself, but easier with others. We’ve done an annual trial for the past few years focusing on different issues. Read the stories at the links below. (Note they redirect to the archived files).

2008: The 100 Mile Trial – Eating locally

2009: The Zero Waste Week Challenge‘ – Reducing garbage

2010: No Impact November – Consuming less, sharing more,
and moving to a life of less oil dependency


Our annual ongoing event is now the Local Harvest Challenge which was run in April 2012 and April 2013. You can get involved by registering here.

We hope others will take inspiration from the stories and discoveries here and take on their own Challenges in their communities. Let us know what you discover, so we can build up the database of resources available to all.