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Nuclear arms ... still not cool!

Your Dollar is your vote… but who is the government voting for with your money?

You may remember media reports in May last year stating that the Government’s Future Fund is investing in foreign companies that manufacture or maintain nuclear weapons. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) released a position paper stating that this included investments worth A$135.4 million in 15 foreign-owned companies involved in the manufacture of US, British, French and Indian nuclear weapons.

On April 3rd, ICAN members staged a street protest at the Future Fund’s headquarters in Melbourne to call on the fund’s new chair David Gonski to stop these investment which contravene Australia's international agreements.

Have your say. Hold our government to account for spending your tax dollars. Say enough to this insanity. Sign the petition to Mr Gonski as part of the Getup campaign , and sign a second petition to Penny Wong, minister for finance and deregulation. A full report on Nuclear Weapon companies and financiers can be found at Don’t Bank on the Bomb.

Pesticides in Produce

'The Dose Makes the Poison', a new report by Friends of the Earth, highlights the Australian fruit and vegetables most at risk to pesticide residues and names the pesticides most commonly detected in Australian foods.

The most risky foods were found to be Apples, Wheat, Strawberries, Pears, Grapes, Nectarines, Peaches and Bread. Of particular concern was that of the 125 pesticides detected on Australian produce, 45% are suspected endocrine disruptors. See the full report.

Choose organic produce to replace these high risk items. Find organic retailers and veggie box systems close to you at our Local Harvest website.

No Packaging Challenge...

Want to see two million plastic beverage bottles? Go here and click on the image! It's the number used in the US every five minutes?

It’s a problem - the volume of waste - and our dependancy on the items that end up in our waste streams. Recycling is a positive step, and industry and government could take more responsibility in implementing positive change (see Tasmania and NSW on Container Deposit legislation), but there's many things we can do right here at home and in our purchasing to minimise waste.

Lucy is taking on a 7 day challenge where she won't buy anything that comes in packaging for a week in the month of May. You can join her and find out more. Also see our 2009 Zero Waste Week Challenge for ideas on how to go trash-less!

A new way - the Plentitude Economy...

How does our culture of consumerism actually undermine our well-being? What does the post-consumer society actually look like? How is it happening today? Check out these two short animations by psychologist Tim Kasser and economist Juliet Schor from the Center for a New American Dream.

>>: The High Price of Materialism. >> Visualizing a Plenitude Economy

If you want to know more about living simply in an Australian context, check out The Simplicity Collective

‘Conscious Consumer’ resources for Schools


Need creative and interactive activities that help students engage with the many issues connected with our purchases. See our Schools resources page. Sure beats a regular lecture!

If you have a background or interest in education and want to help us develop an ‘ethical consumption’ related curriculum component for schools, please let us know.

Fundraise with the 'Ethical Shopping Guide'


This free-range piggy went to market....

You can raise money for your school or community group while at the same time helping those around you make a difference with their everday purchases. Most people want to change the world in a posiitve way, but often don't see the connections between the issues they care about and the things they buy on a daily basis.

Find out more about using the guide as a tool for change and raising funds for your group on our fundraising page.


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