Update. December 2011

Do it differently this Christmas!

It's easy to become lost up in the busyness, anxiety and the frenzy of over-consumption at Christmas time. How do we reclaim the essence of Christmas? One that reframes relationships as being more important than possessions and quality time more significant than the rush.

Our free online Ethical Christmas Guide is one place to start. Rather than doing your Christmas shopping at the local mega-mart, consider gift giving and festive meals an opportunity to show your commitment to living ethically. If you are looking for gifts that will make a positive difference there are many available at our online shop (see below). Of course our book is the quintessential Christmas gift!

Wishing you a relaxing and happy festive season, from the ECG team.



The Guide To Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2012. This pocket-sized guide will help you avoid naughty companies and support nice ones all year round. Ask Santa to slip one in your stocking this Christmas.

This new edition includes special features on cosmetics, toys, meat and beer. How does the sale of Fosters, Parmalat, P&N and half of our beef industry affect you? Keep up to date on who owns what, and who is doing what. Completely revised and updated. [more]


Also available at over 130 stores Australia-wide ethical.org.au/stockists


* Last chance before Christmas! Orders placed by noon Monday will be sent by Australia Post Monday afternoon and should make it in time for Christmas. Or place your order by noon Wednesday and pay an extra $3 and we will send your order Express Post on Wednesday afternoon.


Local Harvest update

  • We have 40% of our Pozible crowd-funding goal of $8,500 and just 14 days left to reach this target. We need your help to make it happen. If you'd like to help in this way, please visit Pozible.
  • We welcome Sustainable Table as a major partner to the project
  • We now have a Facebook page (you'll like it!)

Local Harvest - find 'good' food close to you. more


Upcoming events

  • Sustainable Living Festival - 2 weeks 11-26th Feb, big weekend at Fed Square 17-19th Feb more
  • Join us for 'Ethical Shopping Charades' on the 21st Feb and 'Facilitator Training Workshop' on the 23rd Feb.

Press Releases

  • Australian Christmas dollars more likely to support overseas companies this year pdf
  • The ethics of Christmas shopping pdf
  • The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2012 pdf


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