Update. January 2010

New Years resolutions ...

A new year - a chance for a fresh start. Even though almost a month has passed, it's not too late to take on some healthy challenges. The 'Good Guide', as US web resource, has put together 5 key resolutions for the new year with the theme 'Live Well, Do Well'.

Number 1 is to 'research products' - find out about the things you buy and delve deeper into the issues that you are concerned about. Use our print guide and database as a starting place. Find out more about the Good Guide's other four resolutions here.

Join us at...

Sustainable Living festival
Join in the Festival 's Main Event at Melbourne's Federation Square from 19-21 February. Showcasing a huge range of exhibitors, talks, workshops, art, films and performances celebrating and inspiring sustainable communities. > Download Main Event Highlights Guide

Pre-festival events
The Festival has expanded its program with a range of new local events. Visit local sustainability events in your town, suburb or street during the fortnight from 6-21 February. > Download Local Events Highlights Guide.

Find out more at http://festival.slf.org.au

Ethical Consumer Group events


'Shopping with a Conscience' City Supermarket Tours
Tuesday 9th & Tuesday 16th February 5.45pm-7.30pm

Consumer Power - Making the Change
Saturday 20 February 2pm, Feast Tent

Living Zero Waste - Beyond A Disposable World
Sunday 21 February 2pm, Feast Tent

> Download ECG Events Guide for details

Feast hub
As in previous years, we'll be based in the Feast Hub on the main event weekend, located next to the Feast Outloud Stage where food related presentations and talks are held. It's a place to find further resources on issues related to food and everyday consumerables. We're looking for people to help out in this space over the course of the weekend. Contact Nick if you're interested. [email protected]


Western Australian GM ban lifted
Western Australia has become the third Australian state to allow farmers to plant genetically modified canola crops. The decision brings WA into line with NSW and Victoria, where farmers have grown GM canola commercially since 2008, and leaves only two states, South Australia and Tasmania, with bans on GM crops. more.
(See Genethics for a register of GM-Free Farms, Businesses and Councils, to help you find GM-free products and services.)

Kraft to buy Cadburys
British chocolate firm Cadbury is likely to end the six-month takeover battle by accepting the $21 billion bid from the US food giant Kraft Foods when Cadbury shareholders vote on the proposal on February 2. If succesful, this will create the world's largest maker of chocolate and sweets. more.

Green & Blacks to expand fairtrade range
28 Jan 2010. Organic chocolate maker Green & Black's has pledged to switch its entire worldwide food and beverage range to Fairtrade by the end of next year. Green & Black's chocolate is certifed organic but only it's Maya Gold has been certifed Fairtrade as well. (Green & Black's is owned by Cadbury and so it's unclear whether Kraft will continue with Cadbury's plans to increase it's Fairtrade range if the takeover goes ahead). more.

Coming up ....


  New print guide
The 2010 edition of 'The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping' will be available in mid February. With updated company information, a more detailed rating system, and two new categories - Alcohol and Office Supplies - it might be just the thing to help you navigate through the issues connected to your everyday purchases. Pre-order from the website.

Shop Ethical! iPhone app
For all you gadget-fiends out there, you'll be able to check out the guide on your iPhone or iPod-Touch. Available soon.

Ecomarket & Community Hub
The Friends of the Earth Eco Market project, originally focusing on a regular sustainable alternative to supermarket shopping, now includes the setting up of a Community Hub with cafe, food co-operative & grocery store. A weekly Saturday market style operation will start at the South Melbourne location in early to mid 2010. More info on the project is available here

Events ....

Kick Reflex out of Native Forests
27th Feb 2010 - Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Launch. Japanese paper giant Nippon Paper this year purchased the Maryvale Mill, where seven of every ten trees logged in Central Gippsland and the Central Highlands are pulped for the manufacture of paper products, including Reflex paper. These forests are vital habitat for threatened species, water catchments for both local communities and Melbourne, and if left intact, are safe and efficient carbon banks in a time of climate crisis. It is time to protect these forests. Contact [email protected] or call 9419 8700 for more info.

Carrot Mob in Melbourne
What is "Carrotmob" I hear you say? ... "a method of activism that leverages consumer power to make the most socially-responsible business practices also the most profitable choices". Sounds good. Hows it work? You with a bunch of others turn up to a designated store at a particular time and buy a lot of whatever you want (need). The store has committed to spending a percentage (say 20%) of all the revenue brought in on the day on energy-saving measures or something similar and earth-friendly. It's pretty simple. Buy things you already buy. Help make the world a better place. The Melbourne mob will be hosting a 'Carrotmob - Your Vote to Launch It' event on the 13th Feb. more at http://melbourne.carrotmob.org or on the wider movement http://carrotmob.org
T10 - the Transition Decade - Launch
We now stand on the edge of major ecological tipping points that could manifest over the next decade. At the same time Australians have a long history in demonstrating an ability to overcome enormous challenges when faced with great adversity. Get ready for the Safe Climate Decade 2010 - 2020. The launch of this 10 year campaign to restore a safe climate is on Sunday 14 February at 12pm in the Melbourne Town Hall. More at www.t10.net.au


"Man is born free and everywhere is in chain stores" .................. Graffitti


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