Update. July 2012

Nano Deception .. National Food Plan .. Egg Labelling .. Fairtrade app .. GM News .. Olympics Playfair Campaign

Sunscreen brands misled by non-nano claims

Friends of the Earth (FoE) last week launched ACCC complaints accusing two Australian companies – Antaria Limited and Ross Cosmetics – of misleading and deceptive conduct for marketing nano sunscreen ingredients as ‘non-nano’ and ‘nanoparticle-free’. Some of Australia’s biggest sunscreen brands are affected, including products such as Cancer Council Classic, Invisible Zinc Junior and Body sunscreens, Coles Sports and Woolworths Clear Zinc. See the story on ABC 7:30 report (24/7/12) and ABC online.

FoE is seeking support for its campaign to have compulsory labelling of nano ingredients in sunscreens and cosmetics, in line with the EU and now New Zealand. more . Take action and sign the petition.

National Food Plan Green Paper

The Federal Governments National Food Plan Green Paper was recently released (available here). Unfortunately it may be little more than further support for large corporate agriculture and business. See the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance's detailed summary of their concerns with the Green Paper here . Submissions on the National Food Plan Green Paper are due by 30 September 2012. Have your say. more

Egg production label definitions clarified

Where do you find out the specifc definitions for free-range, barn laid or cage egg? They are all guided by the national Model code of practice for the welfare of animals - domestic poultry 4th edition and now explained on a Food Authority NSW website. There's information on the various egg production schemes operating in NSW, as well as the voluntary accreditations for free-range. See specifics at the website.

Also check out this video about what a truly free range farm should look like. It features Philip Westwood of Freeranger Eggs fame on Channel 10's The Circle program.

Fairly Local's new iPhone app...

Drink your coffee with peace-of mind! Fairtrade means no exploitation and a fair wage for growers, plus a premium for their community. But how do you find where fair-trade products are available near you?

Fairly Local's new iPhone app is being launched this weekend. Download it from i-Tunes, or visit the website at beta.fairlylocal.com

GM news - Truefoodies for Vegemite

  • After a Greenpeace True Food network consumer campaign, Kraft has pledged not to use genetically modified (GM) ingredients in their Vegemite. Take action on helping Kraft make their whole supply chain GM-free. more.
  • Bob Phelps (Gene Ethics) talks in Radio National debate where he questions the myths of feeding the world with GM crops (in the light of the Government's Green Paper - above) pushing biotech. listen
  • WA farmers Ian and Jodi James experience of GM contamination on their land. Essential viewing. video

Focus on Playfair - a 2012 Olympics campaign

The Olympic Movement aims to ‘build a better world through sport’ with respect and equality being claimed as core Olympic values. But behind the scenes of the ‘greatest show on earth’ workers, mainly women, making Olympic goods continue to be exploited. Poverty pay, excessive overtime, unsafe conditions and having little or no voice in the workplace continues to be the testimony of many workers uncovered by the Playfair campaign.  

Campaign progress. In response to the evidence detailed in the report Toying with Workers’ Rights, the organisers of the London Games signed a ground-breaking agreement to protect the rights of workers in its supply chains. The agreement includes the publication of the names and locations of factories in China and the UK covering 72% of licensed goods for London 2012. Contracts require complience with the Ethical Trading Initiative base code, based on internationally recognised standards and includes no child labour, payment of a living wage and no discrimination.

Find out how Adidas, Nike and Speedo (Pentland) are performing on the Playfair 2012 campaign key demands. See more on how companies measure up with playfair policy and workers' rights issues at ‘clearing the hurdles’.

Take Action: Send an email to the International Olympic Committee. Send an email to the companies Adidas (official sponsor), Nike, Speedo (Pentland), Next, New Balance, and others.


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