Update. July 2014

Go plastic free!

Check out the inspiring stories of people who are part of Plastic Free July. You might want to join the thousands taking the challenge to refuse single-use plastic. Sign up for a day or a week or more. See the great promo vid!

Why go plastic free? See Chris Jordon's amazing film Midway, which shows those affected by our plastic addiction. This really says it all. > Find out more on avoiding plastic at Plastic Detox Mindmap, Bag It and the Plastic Free Educators Toolkit.

World Cup Winners

The world cup is over... who won? Not Costa Rica. But they did come out on top in the World Development Movement's Who should you cheer for? website. It measures the 32 participating nations’ attitudes to social justice incl. carbon emissions, human development, military spending, women in government and financial secrecy. (See also Oxfam's Inequality World Cup looking at poverty and wealth equality - Belgium came out on top here).

Another win. Greenpeace as part of their Detox campaign, found hazardous chemicals in World Cup merchandise made by Nike, adidas and Puma. After three weeks of people powered pressure, adidas has agreed to clean up its act.


Tour your bathroom

It is 10 years since the Environmental Working Group (US) launched their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, a safety guide to personal care products, now including 70,000 products. In Australia there are many chemicals used in everyday household products that are not tested for health & safety. > See the Story of Cosmetics vid for more on the issues, and Safe Cosmetics Australia's Toxic Free List for best brand alternatives.

The Food future is close!

Put control of the food system back in the hands of farmers and eaters. The Open Food Network is being set up as an open marketplace that makes it easy to find, buy, sell and move sustainable local food. It's the missing link between food hubs, wholesalers, buying groups and farmers.

> Support this great initiative through their crowd-funding venture. Watch the video and check out the live site.

... Quick bites ...  

  • IBFAN released their Breaking the Rules 2014 report, covering 27 companies with 813 violations (International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes) in 81 countries over the last 3 years. Included with criticisms are Nestle and Danone. (16/5/14) BMA

  • States and territory ministers are considering a plan for a binding national standard for free-range farming to end confusion surrounding the industry. (12/6/14) The Guardian

  • A new study shows private equity investors are targeting Australian food companies. Examples include Europe's R&R (owned by French PAI Partners) gobbling up ice-cream maker Peters, and TPG Capital buying Ingham Enterprises last June. (18/6/14) The Land

  • Proposed 'ag-gag' laws would make it illegal for animal rights groups to secretly film on farms. Farmers say the laws will preserve animal and human safety. Activist groups say the actions are necessary to expose animal cruelty. (18/6/14) ABC > sign the petition

  • WA organic farmer Steve Marsh is to appeal the Supreme Court decision on GM canola contamination on his farm. (19/6/14) ABC > support Steve with a donation here
  • Australia's third-largest dip brand, Black Swan, was acquired by Philippines-based Monde Nissin Corporation after being placed into receivership in 2013. (25/6/14) SC
  • China has ended mandatory animal testing for certain cosmetics produced and sold inside China. Cosmetics imported into China still require animal testing. (1/7/14) HSA
    > See The Checkout episode (May) > Sign the global petition for cruelty free cosmetics
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