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Tomato animation ... Local Harvest Challenge ... Fairtrade Easter ... Supermarket dominance ... The really rich

A little local knowledge...

Here's our Local Harvest video!

Join Arabella as she explores the journey of a tomato through the industrial food system to the supermarket shelves. Find out why local food alternatives are a good thing, and how easy it can be to find good food close to you. More

Check it out and please pass it on.

Take the Local Harvest Challenge...

Sunday 1st April - Saturday 7th April
One week, get involved!

This coming week join the many housholds, individuals and community groups who will be supporting local growers & reclaiming their food choices.

  • Versatile, fun and FREE!
  • Choose your challenge - Bite-Sized, Meal-Sized or Feast-Sized
  • Form a team with your friends or neighbours
  • Link up with other people taking the challenge in you locality
  • Organise a 'local pot-luck' dinner to celebrate the week
  • Blog your discoveries and experiences

Find out more and register at localharvest.org.au/challenge

Spread the word! Help us by promoting the Challenge week through your networks. We can post to you a pack of 20 postcards to distribute. Just send us an email. Also you could email this on to your friends.

Come along. We're hosting a 'pot luck' dinner in the inner west of Melbourne to celebrate the end of our challenge week. It will include a special screening of 'Robert Newman's History of Oil' (a must-see!). Let me know if you'd like to join us. (Or run your own as part of the Challenge!)

Choose Fairtrade this Easter!


Help create a better and brighter future for farmers, workers and their families. Fairtrade ensures they receive a fair price as well as additional funds to develop their communities and invest in everyday needs like education and healthcare.

News ...


Supermarket duopoly dominates food spend
25th Feb 2012 According to the new FOODmap Report, 63 per cent of all food sales in Australia are via supermarkets, and 80 per cent of these sales goes to Woolworths or Coles. This equates to fifty cents in every Australian dollar spent on food. more.... The Australian Food and Grocery Council and others are recommending a Supermarket Ombudsman to reign in this power and provide some transparency as to prices paid to suppliers. more .... And check out the ABC's Hungry Beast animation - It's worth a look if you haven't already.

Wilmar buys Goodman Fielder shares
28th Feb 2012 Singapore-based Wilmar International, the world's largest listed palm oil plantation firm, has acquired a 10 per cent stake in Goodman Fielder for around $115 million. This has reignited the debate over foreign ­purchases of Australian food and ­agribusiness assets. Goodman Fielder makes well-known Australian brands including Pampas, Meadow Lea, ETA, Cornwell's (the skipping girl brand), White Wings, and breads including Mighty Soft and Wonder White. more

The really rich...


The (En)Rich List, compiled by the Post Growth Institute, celebrates a wealth of inspirational individuals. The people on this list represent wealth that cannot be defined by a dollar value. In fact, the list includes a ‘net worth’ figure, not in dollars, but in search results. And really they leave the world’s wealthiest billionaires for dead.

Collectively it's a rich tapestry of inspiring thoughts, acts and lives. more


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