Update. March 2014

Tick the Chocolate box

Easter means big business for chocolate companies. Stop the Traffik think that chocolate should be free from exploitation. See their chocolate box criteria and how the 5 biggest global chocolate companies rate. Mars, Ferrero and Hershey have made commitments to use 100% certified cocoa for their entire range by 2020.

> Sign the petition encouraging Mondelez to lift their game. > Buy certified eggs this Easter.

Waste Deep

Food and packaging waste is not simply something that ‘goes away’ when we pop it in the rubbish bin for collection by our garbos.


In an age of excess consumption and a mindset of convenience-at-all-cost, is it possible to truly be waste free? > Check out Waste Deep - the new short documentary on zero waste living from Sustainable Table and The Ecostore.

P&G - palm oil campaign

'Nine protesters arrested after hanging multi-story banners from P&G towers in Cincinnati' (USA, 5/3/14). Proctor and Gamble is one of the world's largest consumers of palm oil. Greenpeace's year-long investigation shows P&G is sourcing palm oil from companies connected to widespread forest devastation. > Watch the vid, read about the campaign, sign the petition.


You can help ...  

We're asking people to assist us in promoting the upcoming Local Harvest Challenge.You can do this by distributing a pack of 20 postcards through your networks. Just send us an email if you'd like to help.

The Challenge week runs from Sunday 6th to Saturday 12th April. It's one week where people actively seek to eat local foods, support growers and learn more about where their food comes from. > Sign up here!


Quick bites ...  

  • Responsible Sourcing Network’s new report 'Cotton Sourcing Snapshot: A Survey of Corporate Practices to End Forced Labor' (20/2/14) includes ratings of 49 companies reflecting actions they are taking to stop cotton from Uzbekistan picked with forced labor from entering their supply chains. > Download report > More on clothing choices
  • After a successful Sum of Us campaign, Kellogg’s and Wilmar have both signed commitments to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains in the next two years. (24/2/14) GreenBiz
  • The ACT is the first jurisdiction in Australia to legislate against factory farming. The Animal Welfare (Factory Farming) Amendment Bill makes battery cages, debeaking and sow stalls illegal. (25/2/14) Voiceless
  • ACCC is to take Coles and Woolworths to court over fuel discounts. (26/2/14) SMH
  • Go ethical in your school! We have some great tips for making sure your school suppliers are free from exploitation or introducing ethical purchasing in a creative way.
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