Update. October 2014

The Dairy Diaries


Before you grab a white coffee for the morning, take a look at Sustainable Table’s Dairy Diaries. An overview of Australian dairy; the ethical and environmental implications of dairy farming; and what we can do to help improve matters for our environment, our farmers and our cows. > Also see how the companies stack up on our Milk comparison page > And find real milk alternatives from 'family-owned, organic or small dairies' at Flavour Crusader.

Pepsico Palm oil


PepsiCo uses enough palm oil every single year to fill Pepsi cans that would stretch around the Earth four times. PepsiCo recently announced a Forestry Stewardship Policy and Palm Oil Commitment, but neither of these new promises are strong enough to guarantee that Pepsi’s use of palm oil is not driving rainforest destruction, species extinction and human rights abuses.> Read more and take action.

In Australia PepsiCo own Smith’s Snackfoods Company, while their drinks are made under license by Schweppes Australia. > See our updated profile on Pepsico.

Go Green


The new Green Electricity Guide ranks Australia’s electricity retailers against seven ‘green’ criteria, allowing consumers to switch to more environmentally friendly retailers. Origin Energy, Energy Australia and AGL have been dubbed ‘The Dirty Three’ for their attack on Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and large investments in coal and gas generation. > If you are with one of them consider switching to one of the greener alternatives.

Shopping Charades Workshop


For Melbourne folk. Come along for some interactive fun. In the spirit of charades, find out how the products on your shopping list stack up for the planet! There will be some 'guess work', but it's not all hard work. This free event includes good food and a special focus on waste-free living.

Thursday Oct 23rd, 7pm. Find out more


New look app!


A major update of our Shop Ethical! app has just been released for Android users. It features a new visual design, improved navigation, tabs on company profiles, and all the latest data including our new Retail category. A similar update for iOS users is coming soon.


... Quick bites ...  

  • Australian vegetable growers representative body AusVeg has backed the Victorian Farmers Federation criticisms over the “failure of authorities to implement Country of Origin Labelling”. (15/10/14) AusFood News

  • A new report by United Voice and Tax Justice Network ‘Who pays for our common wealth?’ identifies Australian companies that are paying little or no tax. See full report (29/9/14) SMH

  • The Victorian Greens introduce a bill to state parliament, that proposes to ban battery cages, sow stalls and the debeaking of hens. It also proposes to clarify the meaning of ‘free range’ for the purposes of egg production. (23/9/14) Voiceless

  • Nestle announces plans to use 100% sustainable cocoa (UTZ and Fairtrade) in the UK and Ireland by the end of 2015. All Nestle chocolates in Australia have been UTZ certified since Feb 2013. (1/8/14) Just Food

  • 'Challenge to Change' is a free online program where people can sign up to reduce their environmental impact by making small changes in their households during October and November. Create your unique action pledge and tick off the completed actions in areas of energy efficiency, transport, food and waste.

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