Shop Ethical! Guide

Shop Ethical! gives you the low-down on the companies behind common brands and the social and environmental track record of these companies. This information is found in our pocket guide, smart-phone app and website. Shop at the supermarket and beyond with a clear conscience!

Pocket guide

Shop Ethical! pocket guide

New colour-coded ratings system; New features on clothing, electronics and retail; Information snapshots – Shopping tips, Blights of Industry, Labelling; ‘Be an Ethical Shopper’ 12 step action calendar centrespread; Rating overview showing the areas a company has received praise or criticism in; Sold over 130,000 copies since 2008.


Shop Ethical! app

The most popular digital guide to ethical shopping in Australia; available for iPhone and Android; provides instant access to over 5,000 products with related company information and lets you make an informed and ethical decision whenever you shop. Free data updates are released every 3 to 4 months. New barcode scanner and company feedback feature.


Website and database

Company ratings are based on information gathered from over 150 sources including the work of organisations such as Greenpeace, Choose Cruelty Free, WWF, Free2Work and Friends of the Earth. Free access to product comparision and company profiles.