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Do you want to avoid companies with a negative track record and support those making a positive impact? Look no further!

We’ve done the hard work for you. With 10 years of research at your fingertips, our book and app have everything you need to start shopping ethically today! Easy to use. Convenient. Empowering.

People who use the Guide feel better about their shopping, knowing they are supporting local and responsible businesses rather than big multinationals.

Join the 130,000+ users of the Guide and shop deliberately for a brighter future.

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What others say about our book:

“A great, practical tool to help people make a difference”
Mike (via email)

“THANK YOU for this great ethical guide to shopping. I have been looking for something like this for ages.”
Delia (via email)

“Thank you all so much for producing such a great guide. It is just what I have been looking for… Not only is it informative and easy to carry around but also provides so much more with website addresses etc for further study. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”
Trish (via email)

“It may take me a little longer to shop, but the trade off will be well worth any extra time spent in the supermarket aisles… Your guide is invaluable to help me make informed choices and boycott those companies who are linked with less savoury practices, e.g. GM, palm oil, animal testing, child labour, etc. etc. and, for the small price involved, well worth its weight in ‘green’ gold. Thank you!”
Lyn (via email)

Shop Ethical! app

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What others say about our app:

 “Best app I have, I use it daily and it’s changed the way I see the world.”
Emma, VIC

“Splendid work! Easy to use. No more excuses for not shopping ethically :-)”

“Thank you big time for this app!! It’s so easy to use at the supermarket and clarifies so many of the issues surrounding products and companies, making the weekly shop fit better with my conscience. My kids are also able to look and see if their favourite things are positive or negative and can make their own ethical shopping decisions. Brilliant!!!”
Sara, Canberra

“Simply, ‘Thank you.’ I am so grateful that you have done all the hard work, so that lazy/tired/child-distracted mothers like me can confidently tell their whining 8 year olds “no, we are not buying that, because the people who will get our money hurt other people and/or animals”. I have always wanted this information but have never had the spare energy to go and find it myself. You have done a brilliant job.”
Annie, Boronia, VIC