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The Issuesorang

What are the things you value and care about? Find out how they’re connected to your everyday purchases, and discover how you can make a difference. MORE

charts-icon2Interactive charts

> 10 Largest brand-owners in Australia – which companies own our major food and drink brands?
> Duopoly dominance – supermarkets and more   – which retail brands are owned by Woolworths or Wesfarmers?
> Making Clothing Choices – a quick guide

electronicsGuide to Electronics

Our gadgets make life easier, yet we don’t see the huge cost hidden behind this technology. Rare minerals, fuelling conflicts, worker exploitation, built-in obsolescence, toxics, e-waste. How do the companies rate in regards to the issues …. MORE

clothClothing edition

Take a look into the world behind your wardrobe. Find out the companies behind the fashion labels, the issues and positive alternatives. Whose fingerprints are on your threads? … MORE

dollarEthical Shopping

Find out what’s it all about.  Your Dollar is your vote (an introduction); Why Shop Ethically? (Connections, Equity, Consumer Power), and the 5 Principles for putting theory into practice. And the new paradigm Collaborative Consumption.

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