Local Harvest

Shop Ethical! helps you to make better choices within the supermarket or department store, however often the best choices aren’t available in these places at all.

Around the world today, people are creating a fantastic future for healthier communities and a healthier planet, through sustainable production. This includes fair trade, organic and community supported agriculture, farmers markets, local food co-ops, backyard food growing, and the slow food movement.

Our Local Harvest resource helps you find ‘good food’ alternatives close to you.





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Local Harvest is a national initiative aiming to help people find local sources of ‘good’ food and grow their own. It includes:

  • a national directory for finding food co-ops, food swap meets, community gardens, farmers markets, box systems, ‘pick you own’ farms, farm-gate products, organic retailers, seed saver networks, free-range meats, and more. Users can find ‘good’ local food based on their own locality by placing in a postcode.
  • the promotion and exploration of do-it-yourself alternatives for food production and meeting essential needs, including resources for growing your own food, making your own produce, storing and preserving, low energy living.

“Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.” ― Frances Moore Lappé – author of Diet for a Small Planet