Fair-trade Coffee

Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world after oil and illegal drugs.

fair-trade_coffee_1However during the past decade prices paid to coffee farmers fell to a 30-year low with as little as 3 cents from a $3 cup of coffee reaching farmers. 25 million small-scale farmers and their families have been affected worldwide.

In contrast Nestle, the worlds biggest food company, recorded a net profit of 34.2 billion francs (AUD $34.8 billion) in 2010, three times the 10.4 billion francs it earned in 2009.

  • Look for products with the certified Fairtrade symbol. Buying Fairtrade coffee ensures farmers get a fair deal ‘ a minimum price of AUD $3.80 per kilo compared to the local price of about AUD 65 cents.
  • Find local suppliers and cafes stocking fairtrade  www.fairlylocal.com.au
  • Some Coles and Woolworths supermarkets stock Oxfam, Scarborough Fair, Global Cafe Direct, and Republica fairtrade brands.
  • Find out more  Oxfam

More information on how you can take action on Fair-trade and Labour