Shop Ethical! pocket guide (PDF)


What are you supporting when you shop?

Our handy pocket-sized guide helps you match your shopping habits with your values. This new edition includes everything you need to make informed choices in the supermarket, plus new features on clothing, electronics and retail. Over 130,000 printed copies sold since 2008!

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The 8th edition of the Shop Ethical! pocket guide is here!

When you purchase a product the money you spend endorses a company and its activities whether you are aware of it or not. The new look, completely revised Shop Ethical! pocket guide helps to transform the way you shop by matching your purchasing habits with your social and environmental values. Order your copy now.

What’s new in this edition:

  • New colour-coded ratings system
  • New features on clothing, electronics and retail
  • Information snapshots – Shopping tips, Blights of Industry, Labelling
  • ‘Be an Ethical Shopper’ 12 step action calendar centrespread
  • Rating overview showing the areas a company has received praise or criticism in


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