Upcycled A5 notebook


Made from salvaged folders and letterhead. Made in Melbourne.

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Made from salvaged folders and letterhead, Made in Melbourne

This notebook is made from a lever arch folder that was on its way to landfill and from discarded paper that has been collected from offices around Melbourne. It takes 7.5kg of wood and 200 litres of water to make one ream of new paper. Through choosing this ‘upcycled’ notebook you are helping to reduce the consumption of new raw materials, and the energy, water and transportation involved in manufacturing.

But there’s even more to this story. New employment opportunities have been created at every stage of the life of this notebook. From collection, sorting, and remaking, this product represents the passionate and creative input of many Green Collect staff. All purchases will help this work to grow! Green Collect is a not for profit social enterprise that works innovatively in the area of resource recovery & waste minimisation. www.greencollect.org

Meet the people at Green Collect and hear their story – YouTube.

See products that are being given a second life at the new Reuse website.

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Weight .23 kg
Dimensions 22 x 16 x 2 cm

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