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Go ethical…

In your School

How do you introduce ethical purchasing to students in a creative way? How can you help your school walk the talk? … MORE

In your Workplace

Frustrated with tea and coffee brands in the work kitchen? Horrified by the lack of recycled loo paper in the work toilets? Some ideas and resources  … MORE

In your Household

Are you up for the ‘Household Action Challenge’? Take on one aspect of sustainable living for a week. A template for working with others to see change … MORE

In your Church

Resources to help your faith community live out it’s values. … MORE

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Take Action


Sign online petitions and write to companies asking them to stop exploitative practices.

Support us

A core value of our work is independence and integrity. There are a number of ways you can help us keep doing what we do  … MORE


Our work relies on a community of volunteers.  Register your area of interest and find out how you can help with to our project … MORE

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Spread the word

Pass on the message to your own group of friends, colleagues and others.

Run your own Shopping tour

Follow our step-by-step process to run your own supermarket tour. … MORE

Host a Movie night

Sharing a meal and screening a movie about an issue is a great way to kick off some discussion. … MORE


Better than Chocolate! Use our pocket print-guide as a means to raise funds for your school, church or workplace … MORE

Join the conversation

Excited about changing the world, here are just a few ways you can let others know how … MORE

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