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  December 2012 Cost of clothes, Smartphone mining, John West victory, Shop gift ideas
  November 2012 New print guide, Ethical Christmas, A world without Factory farming, Tax justice
  September 2012 Nestle update, People's Food Plan, $1 milk, Apple campaign, Story of Change
  July 2012 Nano Deception, National Food Plan, Fairtrade app, Olympics Playfair Campaign
  May 2012 Mining Billionaires, Cheap imported food, Tuna Choices, End of Greed
  April 2012 Nuclear Future Fund, Pesticides in Produce, Packaging Challenge
  March 2012 Tomato animation, Local Harvest Challenge week, Fairtrade Easter, The really rich
  January 2012 Sustainable Living Festival, Mean Jeans, Soy Milk, Shop Ethical! app
  December 2011 Christmas 2011 - Don't be naughty, buy nice!
  November 2011 New 2012 guide, Ethical Christmas, Buy Nothing Day, Chemicals in Cosmetics
  October 2011 Collaborative Consumption, Slavery Footprint, Pulpwatch, Toys & China
  September 2011 Buy Nothing New Month, Price transparency, Big Beef, Spring Planting
  August 2011 Flow, Puma Detox, National Food Plan, Rainforests & our Paper
  July 2011 Barbie it's over, GM wheat, No Harvey No!, Local Harvest
  June 2011 Assessment upgrade, Good Chocolate, Bad Wood, Garbage Warrior
  May 2011 Skin Deep Cosmetics, GM News, House-brands, Focus on clothing
  April 2011 Digital detox, Movie library, Focus on banks
  March 2011 Schools kit, Beer wars, Fairtrade eggs, Agribusiness buyout
  February 2011 Labelling review, Ethical Coles?, Seafood guide
  January 2011 Campaigns, GM Contamination, Sustainable Living Festival
  December 2010 Christmas Resource Kit, 2011 Supermarket Guide, Story of Electronics
  November 2010 Christmas gift ideas, New guide edition, No impact challenge, Buy nothing day
  October 2010 No Impact Challenge, Checkout Fairtrade, GM labeling
  September 2010 Reflections on 10 years, How we shop, BPA in the spotlight
  August 2010 Capitalism a love story, Palm oil news, Free range eggs
  July 2010 Mid-winter workshop, End of the line, Making the bacon
  June 2010 No Impact Man, Kit-Kat Victory, Clothing research
  May 2010 Labelling Action, Exploring our food, Organic guide
  April 2010 Food Inc., Canned Tuna
  March 2010 Easter treats, Palm oil labelling
  January 2010 Sustainable Living Festival events

ECG Articles

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Soy Milk - 'side-by-side'Tuesday 31st Jan 2012, 11:25:14am
With Soy being a great alternative to dairy for many people, we thought we'd ask how different brands stack 'side-by-side' on a range of issues.

Sample letter to ParmalatWednesday 11th Jan 2012, 2:25:00pm
Sample letter to Parmalat in response to Lactalis (who own Parmalat), now receiving a 'cross' for their poor performance in the WWF Palm Oil Buyers' Scorecard 2011, which measures if major retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are acting responsibly in terms of palm oil use and sourcing.

Seeking SardinesMonday 7th Mar 2011, 11:06:16pm
Trying to find some more ethical tinned fish alternatives, Nick looks at sardine choices.

Top 10 gift ideas for an Ethical ChristmasWednesday 3rd Nov 2010, 5:30:16am
What will you stuff in your stockings this year? Lots of stuff ? Good stuff? The right stuff? I-have-no-idea-where-it-comes-from stuff? Here's some cheer-filled suggestions.

Reflections on S11 - 10 years agoSunday 5th Sep 2010, 1:57:25am
Almost 10 years ago, at the September 11 2000 protests at the Crown Casino, Nick and Clint were both inspired by a T-shirt that changed the way they thought about their voice in the world. Here are some reflections on the event, the changing world since then and learnings of the past decade.

How we shopSaturday 4th Sep 2010, 11:21:43pm
Part of what we, the Ethical Consumer Group, do is help people work through the difficulties of trying to make better choices in their shopping practice where there are limited options and a minefield of different issues to consider. With this in mind I thought it may be useful to give some personal stories about how we, the people working on the project, do our daily shopping. Hopefully it gives an insight into the issues that come up and some possible alternatives.

Introducing Fairtrade to your workplace - Clint's BlogSunday 30th Aug 2009, 9:12:28pm
After attending a talk on Fair Trade at the 2009 Sustainable Living Festival, Clint got all inspired and decided to take on switching his workplace (not Ethical Consumer Group) to fair trade. Includes a Fairtrade Workplace Proposal Template and blog to inspire you to help switch your workplace, faith group, school, university, or council to fair trade coffee and tea.

Elgaar Farms - response regarding animal welfareFriday 26th Jun 2009, 9:52:49am
An example of best practice for dairy companies in regards to animal welfare. Elgaar Farms is a biodynamic farm in Tasmania, who came to our attention as they provide their products in returnable glass bottles which are then reused (as opposed to recycled). Elgaar Farm products are available at food coops, organic grocerys and health food shops. Here are notes from an email from the company regarding their animal welfare practices.

No Junk MailSunday 2nd Nov 2008, 10:28:02pm
'I have my own personal blacklist of companies who have ignored our "No Advertsiing" sticker on our mailbox'. Nick addresses the No Junk Mail dilemma.

Other Articles

Bottling with Fowlers Vacola *Sunday 30th Jan 2011, 11:36:45am
Article by Michael Green in Greener Homes, The Sunday Age, 30 January 2011. Footscray resident Janet Ray learnt the knack from her grandmother decades ago and has become a Fowlers enthusiast. She's not alone.

Getting into the habit of change *Sunday 7th Nov 2010, 12:55:17pm
Michael Green writes in The Sunday Age, Greener Homes section, about No Impact November - the third annual household action challenge run by the Ethical Consumer Group.

Don't take the wrap: avoid packaging *Sunday 12th Sep 2010, 5:45:47pm
Article by Michael Green in Greener Homes, The Sunday Age, 12 September 2010. Bulk buying can help you fit into a smaller household footprint... WHEN Wendy Branagan puts out her rubbish bin, she takes note of the date. 'I mark it on the calendar so I can keep track. I can normally stretch it out to once every two months', she says. ....Nick Ray, from the Ethical Consumer Group, says that while many people make an effort to minimise packaging, we tend to take a certain level of waste for granted, rather than change our habits.

Dancing the Climate Waltz with Australian Elephants *Wednesday 11th Aug 2010, 11:18:24am
Comment on financial and superannuation investment in Australian, and Australian Ethical Investment Ltd's shareholder activism trust. Author Dominic Gilligan.

* These articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ethical Consumer Group, but rather have been posted to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of useful resources.